Prohibited poker software

Over the past two decades, the great demand has arisen for auxiliary software of the widest use, which led to the fact that more experienced players have gained a huge advantage over less experienced and knowledgeable rivals in terms of similar conditions. The use of various poker calculators, analyzers and poker bots simply kills the spirit of the competition and the very essence of the game, experts say.
Recently, many poker rooms have taken into account the harmful effect of software of this kind, so almost in every room, there is a list of specific programs that are not allowed for use simultaneously with the poker client, or the categories of software that are banned.
For violation of the rules, sanctions of varying degrees of severity are expected: from warning and ban to life-long deprivation of the opportunity to continue playing in the online room.
The following categories of auxiliary tools fall under the ban in most online rooms:
– Poker calculators. Immediately it should be noted that not all calculators are programs that are prohibited for use. The simplest in functionality, intended for beginners, are allowed. However, more developed, determining the likelihood of winning and giving specific recommendations on how to play the game in one or another hand, are banned. One such tool is the Advanced Poker Calculator. Despite the rather modest name, the program is inherently an advanced robot, with which the user greatly increases their chances of a successful game.
– Tools for sharing information. They are the well-known Skype, TeamViewer, ICQ, and others. The security service bases its suspicions on analyzing customer gaming sessions, identifying suspicious actions.
– Software for ISM calculation. Such programs determine the value of the chips at any stage of the tournament in real time, thus they give an advantage to one participant over the other.
– Analyzers of statistical data on players. Poker rooms have nothing against their customers collecting and analyzing information on opponents, with whom they play or play at the same table, but collecting information on unfamiliar poker players is not welcomed. CardAnalyzer and PokerEdge are used to compile poker player profiles not only for their own use but also for the sale of the statistics obtained.
– Poker bots. These tools can partially or completely replace the player in the hand. They are often used during a multi-table game. They are able to analyze the situation and style of the opponents’ game, choose the most appropriate action, and even create new accounts. Prohibited poker programs of this type are quite common and are represented by a wide list of developments: ICM-Bot, Advanced Poker Bot, WinHoldem, and others.
– Programs to select the table. Users are allowed to use tools that search for a suitable table according to specified parameters. However, the prohibition covers the software, making the selection of the table for rivals. Some players purposefully seek out the tables behind which there are weak players. Such actions are not welcomed by poker rooms.