PokerStrategy Mirror web site

PokerStrategy Poker School is known to poker fans all over the world. Thanks to stable work, an experienced teaching staff, a huge choice of teaching materials and the possibility of obtaining start-up capital for the game, interest in this resource has been growing for many years.
What is the mirror of PokerStrategy?
Mirror sites are copies of official resources that are created for several reasons:
additional protection against cyber attacks;
a spare site for the period of repair work on the main portal;
access to the data and functionality of the resource in case of blocking by the provider.
Mirror PokerStrategy primarily plays the role of an additional site, which can be used in the absence of access to the official resource for any of the above reason.
It is an exact copy with a full amount of functionality and content, so users will feel absolutely no difference when they switch to
The only difference from the original clone – the address. To create a mirror site, it is enough to register a new resource in another domain. All login information that school customers used on the main portal is saved, so there is no need to re-register. In many cases, redirection to a working copy is done automatically.
Since any mirror of can suffer the same fate as the original site, current addresses are periodically updated in the sources. You can find an online school now by changing the .com extension to .net or .org. Many resources that have been blocked are not changing the extension, but the very name in the address, adding letters or numbers to it. Thus, it turns out a completely new address, which until a certain time will not be included in the list of prohibited.
Is a mirror of PokerStrategy safe?
Clients of the school should not be afraid for the safety of their data when using the PokerStrategy mirror since the additional resource has the same level of information protection as the main site. However, before using a password for authorization on a mirror copy, you should make sure that this resource is really an official mirror of Poker Strategy, and not a fake.
The real mirror of PokerStrategy will have certificate information. It should be found in the Security tab if we are talking about logging in from Google Chrome browser. Users who are afraid to get to a fake, but not a real copy, can be advised to use the Opera browser updated to the latest version, which provides a built-in VPN that allows you to forget about blocking.
In addition to this option, there are many other ways to circumvent the provider’s blocking, with which many players have long been familiar with and actively used.