Poker Sweat control

Sweat control is a pоker game that involves holding the size of a pot that matches hand strength. It is used if the plаyer has a game cоmbination with a value at the showdown. But the nut combination is not suitable for playing more pot. In order to open a free card or get a check-call, choose a reduction rate.
Pros of pot control
The bank is always under close scrutiny. This allows you to not take the risk of the whole stack, if the opponent has collected a stronger combination. As a result, stack losses are minimized.
The path to the dissection is shortened. Passive draw and pot control multiply our chances of an opening and reduce difficult situations such as losing a strong combination through an opponent’s check-raise.
The ability to drive your oppоnent into a trap. Sometimes, it seems that the idea of ​​a pot control is invented by experienced players in order to simplify winning in games with weak opponents. There is a bet behind you, if you decide to check after the tern after the tern, having a top pair, middle kicker or over pair.
Excellent poker plаyers do not skimp on the flops, because they want to get the pot on the surrounding streets. On the turn, they always expand the range, while having at least 5 outs in stock (if there is a pair with a kicker), or 2 outs with a pocket type pair. If the opponent does not hold the cards, in many cases, the whips will get their own flush if there is an open straight or flush draw. In other cases, they will not be lucky, and they will come to fold in poker. This pushes them to permanent beta on the thorns.
Such aggressive moves scare opponents a bit. Opponents are losing hope of a cheap showdown and are pushing other poker players to fold on the turn or flop. Better reliability is given to the game, making the range polarized, based not only on the nuts and air. Players who have low or medium bets rarely check-raise on the turn when bluffing or semi-bluffing.