Rules of protecting of your bankroll in poker

How often did you lose the results of your successful weekly or monthly grind in a tilt rush in two or three sessions? Even the best players experience the negative impact of this problem. How to develop discipline and self-control in order to ensure the safety of your money? In this article, we will discuss a few important tips that should help you secure your poker capital and avoid the risk of losing your bankroll.
Play on the bankroll
Let’s start with the most obvious, but at the same time the most important thing. If your goal is to make money by playing poker, then you simply must follow the rules of bankroll management.
Fortunately, if you are a good player, then you have the right to expect a good return of your investment.
Your bankroll, since it is a limited amount, must be large enough to work as unlimited. Take it as a rule to take no more than 4% of the total bankroll in one game. If you want to protect yourself in full, then reduce this number to 1-2%.
Get rid of the habit to regularly check your balance
If you play with the proper bankroll, the risk of ruin will automatically be minimized. However, constantly checking the status of your gaming account can lead you into a micro-management trap.
So, during upstrikes, you will feel good checking your money. With the growth of your account increases your fighting spirit. But as soon as some bad games happens, the amount of your bankroll will drop dramatically. Of course, in this case, with constant checking of your balance, this can seriously upset you and destroy your confidence.
You will want to return your money in order to recover the previous amount; however, with such thoughts you will not play, but rather try get your money back. You will begin to feel stressed. This is what can be the first stage to absolute self-destruction.
As a rule, in poker, money increases gradually and slowly. But when you loses, then your money always goes fast.